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Express ideas and emotions through images is my true task.The excellent valorization of the subjects photographed has allowed me to satisfy,during the years, the requests of customers more and more careful to details and to the visual message that images are able to convey.

My very specific skills enable us to interpret the ever-changing world of communication.

I develop concepts with creativity and style, evolving a product of excellence that is distinctive for its Italian Style, the icon of class and refinement, known and admired worldwide.

In 30 years career as a professional photographer I have spaced in all fields of photography, my technical background and my knowledge are critical to the success of my work. Doesn’t exist a technique to take a photo to animals or architecture, or food or fashion, but a lot of techniques. You have to be portrait photographer, sport photographer, fashion photographer and wildlife photographer, able to work either in the studio and outdoors, in the home or in nature. Take dogs, for example, I always try to put them in a context that represent them.To respect their nature and their attitudes. I photographed saluki in the deserts, labrador in the water lake and the Czechs wolves in the woods. When I take a shooting in the studio, I work with the classical techniques of portrait and fashion photography. But working with animals is much more difficult than with people.The dogs and horses are not ready and willing to follow our directions, indeed in most of the cases are curious, restless, impatient and distrustful. Does this sound easy? Only with a lot of patience, years of experience and professionalism, you can interact with the animals, empathize with them and create beautiful images. But generally this is not enough for me, I demand that the subject in my pictures shows his character, his temperament, his vivacity and strength. This research for harmony and perfection has allowed me to be a point of reference in the world of Dogs and Horses Photography.

I have been Photography Director and Head Photographer of one of the most important international dog magazine. I signed some covers books of dogs, cover of Art Magazine USA, and currently I am realizing, a new series of photographic books about dogs and horses, and I am working on photographic books about American Cities, Luxury food and Art Books.

It ‘s true, it’s a difficult and fascinating my profession, but when you reach certain results the rewards are good.


Antonio Vanni

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